27 Facts of Life behind the atrocities of Adolf Hitler

Friday, January 14, 2011

Behind the cruelty of Adolf Hitler's life turns out there are some interesting facts and also touching. Here 27 Facts About Adolf Hitler is: 1. Aspiring to be a painter / artist. But his father wanted him he would be a Public Servant     in gebukin solely and inserted into her academic school and not art.

2. His mother always wants the best for Hitler and provide a great affection for
    Hitler. Her mother always embraced Hitler after his father was beaten and All his life Hitler always
    bring a photo his mother in his pocket until the end.
3. Hitler was a clever boy at school but she did not like school and more like akadmis     enter art school. Finally he malas2xan and his report card score bad. His father was     angry at her and beat her habis2xan. Hitler decided to leave school at age 15     yearr with the support of his mother, he decided to try his fortune to Vienna to live as     an artist.
4. Join the tests create a scholarship at the University of arts in Vienna, but profsor who said she was more  ngujinya suitable to be compared Artists Architects. Unfortunately not because he does not have keterima Technical education System Requirements.
5. So the bum for 5 yrs, living in shabby houses in Vienna, lived with Jewish families  in a narrow house with 6 other people.
6. Being a painter of the streets and receive food donations from the Church. Because of pity with Hitler was a Jew who do business buying and selling art items to take Hitler named Max Rothman as employees. He was commissioned to paint for a postcard and get a minimum wage.
7.  When World War 1 broke out, he becomes Volunteers Bavarian troops (Prussia), although he actually WN Austrian and not German. He previously applied for entry so soldiers Austria but was rejected because not pass the medical examination, his medical report which still exist today mentioning that Hitler was too weak to carry military standard equipment weighing 48 kg at the time and 5 km walk. He also was not able to lift "Riffle" gun in a long time. He also mentioned experiencing malnutrition because bertahun2x not getting enough nutrition.
8. When the regiment was sent to the front lines, they were exposed to artillery fire and French troops 600 people only 32 survivors and including Hitler. He survived because his body is not small strong army large knapsack that way behind the regiment.
9. Due to its small and fast-running, he easily through the crowded defense parit2x and sempuit, Hitler was assigned to the message sender. One time paritnya poison gas attack, but Hitler is not in place because he was delivering a message. He was late again gara2x Herder German rescue a dog that he brought with him. Selamatlah Hitler from poisonous gas attacks.
10. Hitler's although disliked by fellow soldiers and because of its very small compared rata2x German soldier, he is often become a laughingstock. But keberaniannaya recognized by his superiors. Hitler received 6 highest medal for valor, The Iron Cross. He often had to run to avoid enemy gunfire hanay by sending a letter to commander at the front.
11. One time also, Hitler was sitting in his tent with another soldier, then Dogs Herder was separated and Hitler after him as he fell awake. Prajurit2x others laugh incident, and Hitler was mad. Finally he dragged his dog out for the shoot. Moment after Hitler came out of the tent and bring dog, Heavy Artillery, and hit the Tent all members of his platoon were killed just left Hitler alone.
12. At the end of World War 1, he was exposed to mustard gas attack but not killed him, only to blind his eyes while he was running late due to using a mask. He ran his dog led him where and then caught dikawat thorny. He survived because the wind blowing away from the direction carrying poison gas.
13. It is reported that doctors had diagnosed bawha Hitler would blind forever like the other soldiers exposed to mustard gas, but because Hitler was crying constantly selaam few days when heard of the defeat of Germany, it makes her eyes which are still wrapped in bandages to be moist and when the doctors opened the bandage it, Hitler was able to see.
14. A boss Captain Hitler on PD1 say that Hitler would not be able to have a career brilliant military field because Hitler did not have the attributes of leadership and will not be a leader.
15. Hitler was a shy, although he was able to speak in front of thousands of impassioned people, but he has a tendency to 1-1 with an awkward face of his interlocutor. 16. Hitler was a vegetarian (although sometimes he eats meat, on the advice of his doctor), not drinking beer or spirits (only the advice of his doctor to drink wine) and not smoking. He was very Anti-Smoking and where it is located there should be no cigarette smoke, although he did not issue ban on cigarettes, but such is generally known that there can be smoking in public places especially in Berlin and Munich, if not in the same dipper SS.
17. Hitler offered a gold watch for his subordinates who can stop the habit their smoking. When Hitler committed suicide, the majority of military officers in his bunker directly lit a cigarette and smoke cigarettes to relieve tension because at that time Berlin had surrounded by the Soviet Red Army.
18. Hitler did not allow the hunting of animals for their fur, he ordered Nazi troops to use synthetic materials as blankets and winter clothes.
19. Hitler often a portrait of the animal slaughter and meat processing explicit and invite others to not eat meat and become vegetarians like himself. 20. Hitler ordered Martin Borman to make special glass house as a place growing vegetables for consumption and buah2xan Hitler.
21. Hitler once said that the man who he hates more than Jews are husband beat his wife / children and displaced families. According to him people of this type should be in legal death.
22. Although people think of dictators who can do anything, but Hitler only had money some 180,000 in savings just Reichmark. It's all gotten from the book sales and his salary as Reichchancelor for 12 yrs. He never took a dime menkontribusikan state and anything he has fatherly 3rd Reichnya.
23. Hitler admired Mussolini and make Mussolini as his idol until he met directly with Mussolini and his change of mind about this.
24. Hitler was a Protestant, although born of a Catholic family. He idolized Martin Luther as a true reformer.
25. Although it is often depicted wearing military uniforms, Hitler may never have had any military education and rank last in the field of military Hitler was a corporal.
26.  Uniform Brown SA and Hitler Youth was designed by Hugo Boss in the year 1933. Later Hugo Boss also mengerjaakan making black SS uniform. Hitler was very fond of uniform Hugo Boss designed and they get most of the contract making the Nazi uniform.
27.  Hitler wanted a car "cheap" for his people, he was a portrait of the concept car antecedent wanted on a piece of tissue paper at a dinner party and given to Dr. Ferdinand Porsche to make it. This car was later known as the VW (Volkswagen / car people).

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