Hackers breaking Photo and Video Sex Top 50 Artists

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A pair of German hacker or hackers managed to break into the computer world's top 50 artists through Trojan virus. The hackers were believed to have taken the latest music that has not been released, credit cards, e-mail, and naked pictures of the artist.
Police track the presence of two hackers are 17 and 23 years, and catch it after the hackers bragged on the Internet related to its success. Allegedly, the hackers that have taken the latest songs and videos sex famous stars, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake
The hackers were also facing charges of extortion after successfully pocketed the various collections of photos and sex videos of the world's top stars. Two hackers from Duisburg, Germany, had admitted his guilt in front of local police.
The investigation and development of this case involves the FBI and the Federal German Police Service.
Sven Kilthau of Universal Music Germany in charge of publicity and star Rihanna Lady Gaga, said the worries. "It's really scary, one can not feel safe wherever they may be," he said.
Police indicated, both through the computer hackers of the world's top artists that by utilizing the Trojan virus, then mastered and mess up the contents of the computer.
Even the American singer naked picture, Kesha, had been taken and later used for blackmail. Luckily, Kesha (24) void send ransom.
Allegations of more danger, that hackers have taken a couple new songs that have not been released for then sold illegally to the illegal producers, aka piracy that precedes the launching. You can imagine how big the losses.
Cyber crime has made fear the management of the artists who manage the world's top publication for fear of very personal things can dipulikasikan unbeknownst to their owners, in addition to their copyright violated. (Compass / Telegraph)


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