2017 and 25 million Bluetooth Car Will Wear

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Traffic Police did not hesitate to cause it caught the driver's car phones are on the phone while driving. This rule was also applicable in many countries. Even though using a Bluetooth device.
Yet car companies continue to prepare the device for the needs berhalo-halo. IMS Research Institute says that in 2009 alone as many as nine million cars already equipped with Bluetooth. Even estimated in 2017, the number of car air-Bluetooth will increase and reach 25 million units.
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New Google Chrome Browser Supports 8 Chrome Web Store & PDF Viewer

Google has released Chrome 8 stable and polished version which is now available for consumption at all three major operating systems are Mac. There is also a PDF viewer in this Chrome 8 that eliminates the need for additional applications such as Acrobat PDF Reader. It also guaranteed in the sandbox Chrome. Chrome seven previously released on Oct. 21.

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Hackers breaking Photo and Video Sex Top 50 Artists

A pair of German hacker or hackers managed to break into the computer world's top 50 artists through Trojan virus. The hackers were believed to have taken the latest music that has not been released, credit cards, e-mail, and naked pictures of the artist.
Police track the presence of two hackers are 17 and 23 years, and catch it after the hackers bragged on the Internet related to its success. Allegedly, the hackers that have taken the latest songs and videos sex famous stars, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake
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Tradition Strange and Terrible World

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lacquer bowl. It causes vomiting and rapid loss of body fluids, and most importantly, turn off the body which can cause damage to the body that can cause death. Finally, on mummifying monk would lock himself in a stone tomb barely larger in size than its body, in which he will not move from positionnya.penghubung to the outside world is the air tube. Every day he reminds of that people outside that he was still alive.

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Richest People in India Have Home Worth Rp9 trillion

MUMBAI - Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India, now he's moved into her new home in Mumbai. This unique house has 27 floors and fantastic value, Rp 9 trillion.Ambani, his wife and three children moved into the house that now he named Antilia. The house contains a health club with gym and dance studio, a lot of living room and a cinema with 50 seats.
There are even equipped with a roof garden to accommodate small trees.
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5 Secrets of Male Desire

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Understanding men is difficult. Different personalities, different characteristics and the way he thought. Of course I must also respond differently. A wise man will open his mind as widely as possible and find out many things, so she will be easy to understand and adjust to you. Unfortunately men like this are not many in number in the world. Therefore, it would not hurt you to gather facts about the man as much as possible to in the future you choose to suit your partner. The following present some thoughts Woman man who kept secret from you.
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Resilience the Power of the Twelve Hours with Razer Dragon Epic

Friday, October 15, 2010

Razer announced the launch of this time a wireless gaming mouse MMO, The Razer Dragon Epic. The Razer Dragon Epic represents a good balance between optimizing the keyboard with a mouse with 17 buttons MMO, and also took him to a new level with three ergonomic side panels. 

Latest draft of the Dragon Epic Razer, not only provide convenience to the users while playing games, but facilitated by wireless support and position the thumb grid that can optimize the short-cut keys.
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Junior high school students Discover Mysterious Caves on Mars

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A group of students in seventh-grade equivalent of high school I first discovered the mysterious cave on Mars. At that time, they were working on a research project to study the images taken by NASA spacecraft orbiting the red planet. The findings of alleged sightings are the holes in the roof of the cave.
Sixteenth child is a student of Dennis Mitchell's science class, seventh-grade teacher at Evergreen Middle School in Cotton Wood, California. The students were participating in the activity center of Mars Student Imaging Program at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University.
The students were asked to make such a research proposal and then allowed to use a camera that was orbiting on Mars to take pictures in order to answer their research questions.
The hole is similar to recent findings that found previously in other parts of Mars in 2007 by Glen Cushing, an American geologist. Cushing's view, the image captured resembled "a pit stop", where most of the roof of the cave or hole collapse of lava flow.
Liang was allegedly caused by volcanic activity on the red planet. At one time, lava flows out of the rock surface and leave scars in the form of burrows after the eruption ended.
The tip of the hole was covered by the material cools and some "pipe" the former lava flows could have been there that collapsed.
So far, scientists have yet to confirm the type of materials stored in the cave. "This hole just for us scientists," Cushing said to the disciples. He estimated the size of the hole was 190 meters x 160 meters and 115 meters deep.
Chasing lava flow
Research students was aimed at hunting down the pipe which is the phenomenon of volcanic lava flows on Earth and Mars.
"They develop a research project with a focus on finding the location of" pipe "lava most prevalent on Mars. What is the phenomenon most often occurs at the top, side, or the plains around the mountain," said Mitchell, their teacher.
They then examined a primary and backup photos from Pavonis Monsvolcano (volcano) on Mars. The picture was taken by the image capturing device Thermal Emission Imaging System (Themis) from the Odyssey, NASA's orbiting. Photos reserves they studied gave a surprise instead: a dark circular image. That image is a hole on Mars that led to the cave was buried on the planet.
The findings will be made clear again using the camera High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The device can display more detail in order to look into the hole.

Ref : aneh22.blogspot.com
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5 Facts Unique little-known Science

1 Net profit - profit 

Believe it or not net profits - earnings are stronger than steel? That's what happens even the U.S. military had planned to make bullet proof jackets are made from spun net profit - profit. So the scene in the film Spiderman 2, which stop the train using the net profit - profit is not something impossible. 
2 Mass Type Es. all-nyata.blogspot.com Did you know that the density of ice is lighter 89% than the density of water? Consequently 11% chunk of ice is above the water surface. The fact is making the iceberg floating on the sea is very dangerous, especially for ships - ships that were sailing. This proved padakecelakaan that struck the historic Titanic in 1912. Ship "that can not be drowned" was sunk after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantk sea. 

3. Fireworks
Historically fireworks began with the discovery of fireworks in the 9th century in China. The story at that time was a cook accidentally mixed three ingredients of black powder (black powder) is salt peter and KNO3 (potassium nitrate), sulfur (sulfur) and wood charcoal (charcoal). It turned out that all three materials are flammable gunpowder. If the third material is inserted into a piece of bamboo and bamboo, which is its axis and then burnt there will be a loud explosion sound.                                         

4. Tanker ship

Did you know that the world's largest tanker ship is a tanker Jahre Viking ship with a width of 69 meters and 458 meters long, 77 feet longer than the Empire Street Building in New York. Capable of carrying crude oil by 14 million barrels that can be able to support the vehicle engine on this earth for 2 WEEKS! WOW!

5. Cactus
Do you know why the cactus can live with minimal environmental condition of water? The word cactus is from the Greek "KAKTOS" meaning spiny plants. Actually cactus has leaves. However, these leaves turn into thorns, to reduce evaporation of water. Analogues such as this if we kepedesan then we take the water that was still hot then pour water into a plate or bowl, then a few minutes the water was even colder aka become more widespread due to the cooling area.

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Back "Hot" After Childbirth

Women's postpartum course conditions have not fully recovered. Therefore, not recommended for immediate husband-wife relationship, because the vagina is still experiencing post-birth trauma, in which the hormone estrogen in the body is not back to normal.
Ordinary time in which a wife can not be clocked back by the husband called puerperal period. Puerperal period is also referred to as the cleaning or restoration of the cells and hormones in the body of a woman last between six to seven weeks after giving birth.
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The findings of the longest ancient water channels in the World!

Found in Jordan near the Syrian border, Made in the ancient Roman or before the birth of Prophet Isa. Amounted to 600,000 cubic meters of stone used to build a water channel starts from Syria that stretches along 64 km below the ground before exiting the surface in three stages along the 94 km. Used to irrigate the plantation at the time, and finished in the year 129 BC.
Ref : http://aneh22.blogspot.com
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Photographs of Mars, similar to the Earth

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Recent photos of Mars reveals the mystery that is in the fourth closest planet from the earth. The experts concluded that the ice blocks ever present on Mars.
The evidence found indicates that the past winter there were oceans on the planet.
Previously there were two possibilities how the planet Mars in the past. First, the surface where the cold and dry. Secondly, Mars had a warm and wet conditions, which allows the planet have the lakes, seas, and rainfall for long periods of time.

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How to Make a Random Post on Blogger

Random post is called dynamic random post, because it looks a slide. With a slide show, of course random post will also attract the attention of visitors.
For those of you who rarely update the blog, this widget may be quite useful. Because of all the articles in your blog will be displayed randomly using this widget.
That way, visitors who several times visited the blog, you can continue to read your articles the other, even if you have not added a new post though.First you need to do, namely keep the css for this random post.

   1. Log in to blogger.
2. Select Layout menu (Layout) »Edit HTML.
3. Find this code ]]></ b: skin>.
4. Copy the following code above the code.

.gfg-root { width: auto; height: auto; position: relative; overflow: hidden; text-align: center; font-family: verdana, sans-serif;font-size: 12px;padding:2px; background:none;border: 0px solid #363636;}

.gfg-title {font-size: 16px;font-weight : bold;color : #fff;background-color: none;line-height : 1.4em;overflow: hidden;white-space : nowrap;}

.gfg-subtitle {font-size: 14px;font-weight: bold;color: #333;background-color: none;line-height : 1.4em; overflow : hidden;white-space : nowrap;margin-bottom : 0px;}

.gfg-subtitle a {color : #a43434;display:none !important;}

.gfg-entry {background-color: none;width : 100%;height : 9.9em;position : relative;overflow : hidden;text-align : left;margin-top : 0px;}

/* To allow correct behavior for overlay */
.gfg-root .gfg-entry .gf-result {position : relative;background-color:none;width : auto;height : 100%;padding-left : 5px;padding-right : 5px;}

.gfg-list {position : relative;overflow : hidden;text-align : left; margin-bottom : 15px;display:none !important;}

.gfg-root .gfg-entry .gf-result .gf-title {font-size: 13px;display:block;color:#a43434;font-weight:bold;line-height: 1.2em;overflow : hidden;white-space : nowrap;text-overflow : ellipsis;-o-text-overflow : ellipsis;margin-top : 4px;}

.gfg-root .gfg-entry .gf-result .gf-snippet {line-height : 1.3em;color: #333;margin-top : 3px;font-size: 12px;}

.clearFloat {clear : both;}

#feedGadget { margin-top: 3px;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;width: auto;font-family:verdana, arial;font-size: 10px;color: #333;}

5. Save the template.Random Post ScriptTo install the script random this post follow the steps below.
1. Open Layout (Layout) »Page Elements (Element page).
2. Click Add a Gadget (Add gadgets).


3. Select the gadget HTML / JavaScript.

4. Copy-paste the following script into the gadget earlier.

<script src="http://www.google.com/jsapi/?key=ABQIAAAAcV2jSs52yGHKNXjYTcwvNBQjGizh_00DUHOFTBoYdXcXzGgaZxRGIm148GyVsULR8I1--uCF7hoW2w" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script src="http://www.google.com/uds/solutions/dynamicfeed/gfdynamicfeedcontrol.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
function showGadget() {
var feeds = [
new GFdynamicFeedControl(feeds, 'feedGadget',
{numResults : 1000, stacked : true,
title: " "});
google.load("feeds", "1");

<div id="feedGadget"><center><img src="http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/1577/loadingtrans.gif" /></center></div>

5. Make sure you change your blog name.6. Save gadget.
Now look at the results. Your post will appear at random (random).Good luck!

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