2017 and 25 million Bluetooth Car Will Wear

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Traffic Police did not hesitate to cause it caught the driver's car phones are on the phone while driving. This rule was also applicable in many countries. Even though using a Bluetooth device.
Yet car companies continue to prepare the device for the needs berhalo-halo. IMS Research Institute says that in 2009 alone as many as nine million cars already equipped with Bluetooth. Even estimated in 2017, the number of car air-Bluetooth will increase and reach 25 million units.

On the other hand, apparently not satisfied with the car company just installed a Bluetooth for communication purposes only. Though there is consumer demand for the use of Bluetooth as a medium to download the audio streaming capabilities of the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). But compared with the demand for telephone needs are not too many.
Experience has shown that despite using the A2DP quality, audio quality is delivered are often still not good. After all, so this trend according to IMS observations, tends to increase. Even some car manufacturers began to eliminate features in the car CD player.
Bluetooth will be very useful not only for two things above. His role could be enhanced for example for the purposes of the wind on the tire pressure monitor, control devices in car infotainment, as well as other sensor functions. For, the era of cable is already becoming obsolete. Moreover, if later found that more Bluetooth devices can save energy.The issue in Indonesia, although the rules of safe driving have been defined, but has not touched the case if the driver uses the Bluetooth wireless network. Allowed or not? (Compass)

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